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Line-wrap a string

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Break a string into multiple lines



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The function linewrap.m wraps a single string into multiple lines by breaking it at word boundaries. The user can specify the desired maximum number of characters per line.

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Yas (view profile)

Daniel Golden

Christine A.

Very useful, thanks for sharing

matt dash

matt dash (view profile)

urs (us) schwarz

for users: a great little helper that wraps your endless line into a nice little parcel (command line output/uicontrols)...
for programmers: look at the remarkable regular expression...

urs (us) schwarz

nice exercise with regular expressions, it will get a 5/5 if it handles multiple white-spaces more consistently, eg, with a final DEBLANK(?)
moreover, a pointer to TEXTWRAP, which implements an only slightly different engine, would be nice


Updated license

Implemented suggestions from Urs: Use strtrim on the input string to remove leading and trailing whitespace; use deblank on output array to remove trailing whitespace; add cross-reference to textwrap.

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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