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Get the current tasklist

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The files contained in the zip-file can be used to get the current list of tasks running on the computer.

1) tasklist.m

- !!! This file will only work on WindowsXP !!!

- No further files are needed.

- Usage: tasks = tasklist; Reads tasklist with fields as specified in help - or -
tasks = tasklist(1) Reads tasklist with additional fields as specified in help

2) pslist.m

- This file will work on Windows (NT and higher) and LINUX

- The file has not been tested extensively under LINUX, so there might be some work left to do ... just let me know.

- If you use this file on Windows you need to download pslist.exe, which is freeware.
It can be downloaded from:
pslist.exe needs to be in the same folder as pslist.m

- Usage: tasks = pslist Reads tasklist with fields as specified in help
tasks = pslist(PID) Looks for task with PID (process ID, number, e.g. 1234)
tasks = pslist(pname) Looks for task pname (process name, string, e.g. 'explorer.exe')


Comments and Ratings (3)

Kevin J. Delaney

Just what I needed--thanks!

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark (view profile)

Spot on, Sebastian. I can't speak for pslist, but tasklist worked very well for me on my windows XP machine.

Enough documentation to figure it out very quickly, and a simple and neat implementation.


- Tom

sven jerzembeck

exactly what i needed

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