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updated 3 years ago

HTK MFCC MATLAB by Kamil Wojcicki

Mel frequency cepstral coefficient feature extraction that closely matches that of HTK's HCopy. (mfcc, mfccs, htk)


cell2file( list, file )

mfcc( speech, fs, Tw, Ts, alpha, window, R, M, N, L )

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updated 9 months ago

Abel Inversion Algorithm by Carsten Killer

Fourier-based reconstruction of an unknown radial distribution assuming cylindrical symmetry. (image processing, signal processing, physics)


compute_expansion( X,upf,R )


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updated 5 years ago

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB - 2009 update by Ameya Deoras

M-file scripts and Simulink models from webinar on 28 May 2009 (algorithmic trading, high frequency, market making)




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updated almost 2 years ago

AutoTune Toy by Carl

Allows you to record and graphically manipulate and pitch correct your voice. (pitch correction, signal processing, gui)

AutoTune Toy


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updated 3 years ago

Evolve top and bottom envelopes for time signals i.e. by Andreas Martin

Envelope with secant-method (automotive, mathematics, measurement)

env_secant(x_data, y_data, view, side)

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updated 9 years ago

fsa by M MA

Fourier Spectral Analysis (spectral analysis, fourier, fsa)


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updated 1 year ago

Fast 2D peak finder by nate

Find local maxima \ peak positions in noisy 2D arrays (peakfind, peak, local maxima)

[cent, varargout]=FastPeakFind(d, thres, filt ,edg, res, ...

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updated 15 days ago

Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) by Quan Wang

This package implements Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). (signal processing, machine learning, time series)



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updated 2 years ago

IMF for Bearing Fault Diagnosis by Santhana Raj

performs HHT on signal & IMF is plotted for Condition monitoring of vibration based bearing fault (signal processing, bearing fault, condition monitoring)




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updated 5 years ago

Simulink for Teaching Signal Processing Courses by Kirtan Modi

The examples provided in this file can be used to teach signal processing courses. (signal processing exa..., communications, signals and systems)




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updated 6 years ago

Simulink Model of the IEEE 802.11n PHY Layer model by Tokunbo Ogunfunmi

Simulink model of 802.11n wireless LAN physical layer (baseband), supporting many diff rates. (communications, signal processing, gui)

IEEE80211n_graphics(s, ax, firstcall, params);

IEEE80211n_open_graphics(blk, forceClose);


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updated 4 years ago

Fully Automatic Signal Spectrum Analyser by aasim Azooz

The program produces the frequency spectrum of any signal (image processing, signal processing, fft)



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updated almost 2 years ago

Generalized Hurst exponent by Tomaso Aste

Generalized Hurst exponent of a stochastic variable (signal processing, finance, statistics)


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updated 2 years ago

Discret Wavelet Transform got Daub2 by Santhana Raj

Implements the Daubechies 2 DWT w/o using the inbuilt function (signal processing, wavelet, daubechies)


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updated 1 year ago

Quicker 1D linear interpolation: interp1qr by Jose M. Mier

Same functionality as built-in MATLAB function 'interp1q' but 3x faster. (interpolation, fast, linear)


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updated 5 years ago

BER of BPSK in AWGN Channel by Aniruddha Chandra

This program simulates BER of BPSK over AWGN channel and compares with theoretical rate. (ber, bpsk, awgn)


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updated 4 years ago

pmfg by Tomaso Aste

Calculate the the planar maximally filtered graph (PMFG). (planar graph, network, statistics)


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updated 4 years ago

fSGolayFilt by Jan Simon

Fast Savitzky Golay filter as multi-threaded C-Mex (filter design, filter analysis, smoothing)


fSGolayFilt(X, K, F, W, Dim)

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updated almost 5 years ago

Acoustic Tracker (Updated) by MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Team

Demonstrate using the Data Acquisition Toolbox to build an application. (example, application, acoustic)




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updated 6 years ago

Voice Audio Processing by Paolo Di Prodi

Basic processing of audio samples in wav format, using fourier transformation. (fourier transformatio..., signal processing)




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updated 3 years ago

Bi dimensional Emperical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) by SasiKanth

This function computes the 2D IMFs (first 3) for an Input Image. (signal processing, image processing, hilbert)


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updated 8 months ago

Silence removal in speech signals by Theodoros Giannakopoulos

A simple method for silence removal in speech streams (signal processing, speech analysis, audio)

ShortTimeEnergy(signal, windowLength,step);

SpectralCentroid(signal,windowLength, step, fs)


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updated 3 years ago

Binary Amplitude Shift Keying by Shah Gul Khan

BASK simulation (bask, ask, amplitude shift keyin...)


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updated 3 years ago

Digital Modulation:ASK, PSK, FSK by Nikesh Bajaj

ASK, PSK, FSK modulation and BER vs SNR calculation (ask, psk, fsk)


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updated 1 month ago

iSignal 4 by Tom O'Haver

Interactive smoothing, differentiation, peak sharpening and measurement of time-series signals. (signal processing, data import, chemistry)




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updated 2 years ago

Generalized Goertzel algorithm by Pavel Rajmic

Goertzel algorithm generalized to non-integral multiples of fundamental frequency. (goertzel, mathematics, dft)



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updated 2 years ago

Very fast Mutual Information betweentwo images. by Generoso Giangregorio

This function computes the mutual information between two quantized images. (image processing, signal processing)


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updated 8 months ago

Sound analysis with Matlab Implementation by Hristo Zhivomirov

Time and frequency analysis, measurement of the crest factor, the dynamic range, etc. (signal processing, sound analisys, not a function)


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updated 9 months ago

Linear Algebra Package by Brian Moore

Implements many common linear algebra functions in completely self-contained MATLAB code. (linear algebra, numerical analysis, matrix theory)




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updated 1 year ago

Microstrip line-fed rectangular antenna analysis using 3D FDTD code by Vasily Kozhevnikov

Microstrip line-fed antenna analysis is performed by the 3D FDTD (fdtd, lowpass filter, microwave)


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updated 10 months ago

Signal Processing with MATLAB Webinar by Kirthi Devleker

Contains code Snippets used in the Webinar (signal processing)

delayCompensationPlot( tn,xn,xfilter, xfiltfilt)


plotSig( num, sigData, titleString )

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updated 11 months ago

Short-time Energy and Zero Crossing Rate by Nabin S Sharma

Compute the short time energy (STE) and short-time zero crossing rate (STZCR) of a signal. (signal processing, speech processing, shorttime energy)




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updated 1 year ago

IMComp-Image Compression Software by Saurabh Aggarwal

IMComp is an Image Compression tool useful for compressing digital JPG images. (image processing, gui, optimization)



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updated 5 years ago

Baseline Fit by Mirko Hrovat

A baseline fit is interpolated from selected points and then applied to the data. (analysis, peak, baseline)


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updated 5 years ago

Introduction to Unscented Kalman Filtering by Krisada Sangpetchsong

Unscented Kalman filtering tutorial: Simulink and tilt sensor case study. (aerospace, simulink, kalman filter)




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updated 4 years ago

Finite Volume Poisson Solver by Igor Kaufman

FVM-based numerical solution of Poisson equation for axis-symmetrical cylindrical coordinates (mathematics, signal processing)




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updated almost 2 years ago

Background correction by Vincent Mazet

Compute an estimation of the background (aka baseline) in chemical spectra. (signal processing, chemistry, gui)



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updated 4 years ago

Codificacion Hdb3 by Carlos Ortega

Program to simulate Hdb3 baseband modulation (communications, signal processing, simulation)


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updated 3 years ago

mesh2tri by Kevin Moerman

Creates regular triangulation of meshgrid data (triangulation, meshgrid, data exploration)


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updated 10 years ago

DIP Switches for selecting different digital filters on C6711 DSK by Hock Soon Tay

This model works for C6711 DSK DIP Switches. (hardware targets, c6711, dsk)

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updated 8 years ago

Interactive Resolution Enhancement by Tom O'Haver

Mathematically simple, quickly-computable resolution enhancement for time-series signals consisting (example, application, spectroscopy)




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updated almost 6 years ago

Wavelet Subband coding for speaker recognition by raghu ram

fn extracts wavelet feature vector which could be used for speaker recogniton from speech signal. (speaker recognitions, subband, gui)




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updated 5 years ago

Kasami Sequences, m-sequences, Linear Feedback Shift Registers by Travis Wiens

LFSRs are used to generate sequences, including MLS and sets of Kasami sequences. (maximal length sequen..., mls, msequence)

kasami(m, feedback)

lfsr( feedback, start, N_points, f_decimate )


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updated almost 4 years ago

Pulse Code Modulation by Nikesh Bajaj

This program do all three process of PCM Sampling, Quantization and Encoding. (pcm, analog to digital, communications)

[y Bitrate MSE Stepsize QNoise]=pcm(A,fm,fs,n)

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updated 2 years ago

Fast Approximate Entropy by Kijoon Lee

This function calculates Approximate Entropy (ApEn) of a time series data in a very efficient way. (signal processing, approximate entropy, apen)

ApEn( dim, r, data, tau )


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updated almost 3 years ago

award-winning FDI solution in wind turbines by Nassim

The matlab code of the solution of "FDI Design Competition for Wind Turbines" (winning 1st place) (fault detection, fault diagnosis, wind turbines)




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updated almost 3 years ago

Fast moving average by Christian Kothe

A fast implementation of the moving average filter for long kernels. (statistics, signal processing)


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updated 2 years ago

Simplified Steerable pyramid by Dzung Nguyen

A cell structured steerable pyramid (steerable pyramid, image processing, signal processing)


buildSCFpyr(im, ht)


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updated 1 year ago

Image segmentation using Marr Hilderth Filter by Amarjot

The code compute the edge map of a grayscale image using Marr Hilderth Filter (image processing, signal processing)




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updated 7 months ago

Active geometric shape models by Quan Wang

The active geometric shape model is a novel approach for fitting geometric shapes in images. (image processing, mathematics, optimization)

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