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updated almost 4 years ago

immiscible LB by Gianni Schena

Implements Immiscible Lattice Boltzmann (ILB, D2Q9) method for two phase flows (image processing)


[H K]=HK(Z)


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updated 4 years ago

alternative solution to the maze problem with LBMs by Gianni Schena

An alternative solution to the MAZE problem that uses Lattice Boltzman Methods (image processing)

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updated almost 7 years ago

skeleton in 3D by Gianni Schena

Distance transform oriented code for 3d skeletonization. (morphology, segmentation, skeleton)



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updated 8 years ago

lattice boltzmann 2D for porous system by Gianni Schena

uses look up tables rather than full indexing (application, lb, pore space)


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