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updated 5 months ago

legendshrink by Will Robertson

Shrinks the length of the legend lines. (plot, legend)


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updated 8 months ago

delaunay_surf by Will Robertson

Surf plot scattered data with interpolation (surface, plot, interpolation)



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updated 6 years ago

epscombine by Will Robertson

Combines two Matlab-generated EPS files. (annotation, customization, eps)

epscombine( eps1 , eps2 , writefile )


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updated 6 years ago

draworigin.m by Will Robertson

Plots a vertical and/or horizontal axis through an origin (plot)


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updated 6 years ago

labelplot by Will Robertson

Adds plot legend based on 'Tag' (annotation, customization, legend)

labelplot( p , o , str , i)

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updated 6 years ago

colourplot by Will Robertson

Colours every plot line uniquely (annotation, customization, plot)

colourplot( series )

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updated 9 years ago

fig by Will Robertson

A function to easily create and select figures (annotation, customization, figure)


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