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updated 2 months ago

GetBits.m by Jan de Wilde

Extract bits form an uint* word (getbits, bitand, mask)

GetBits( in, Cbits )

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updated 3 months ago

bordertext by Jan de Wilde

Place text on borders of the figure, border of the subplots, on the inner-side or outer-side. (bordertext, text, linkaxes)

bordertext( varargin )

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updated 3 months ago

GetVolumes by Jan de Wilde

Get an overview of all mounted USB/SD devices (volume label, usb, sd)

GetVolumes( VolLabel )

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updated 6 months ago

GetEnvironment by Jan de Wilde

Get all environment variables from Operating System (getenv, environment variables, operating system)


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updated 1 year ago

GetLinkedAxes by Jan de Wilde

Get all the axes-handles which are linked to the axis-handle. (linkaxes, subplot, getlinkedaxes)

GetLinkedAxes( curr_axis )

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