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updated 2 years ago

twitty by Vladimir Bondarenko

Interface-class to access the Twitter REST API v1.1. (twitter, web service, api)



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updated almost 4 years ago

arcoDemo by Vladimir Bondarenko

Interactive visualization of Elias and arithmetic coding. (data compression, demo, gui)

arcoDemo(p, t, scheme, alphabet, paused)

fpn(m, e, beta, t, frm)


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updated almost 4 years ago

ODEvu by Vladimir Bondarenko

Ordinary differential equations viewer (mathematics, gui, differential equation...)



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updated 6 years ago

drawLA - Draw Toolbox for Linear Algebra. by Vladimir Bondarenko

Plot 2D/3D of vectors, planes, lines, spheres, and... display matrix equations. (visualization, plotting, linear algebra)

Introduction to the drawLA Toolbox

dispMEq(eq, varargin)

drawAxes(d, colr, labels)

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