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updated 1 month ago

RationalFittingApp by Giorgia Zucchelli

MATLAB App for rational fitting of 2 ports S-parameters. (rational fitting, sparameters, touchstone)

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updated 2 years ago

Testbench to determine the harmonic order of a SimRF Circuit Envelope simulation by Giorgia Zucchelli

Determine the harmonic order to find the best tradeoff between simulation time and accuracy. (rf, harmonic order, circuit envelope)

multi_tone_compute( F1, O1, F2, O2, F3, O3, F4, O4)



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updated 7 years ago

Fixed-Point ATAN2 using CORDIC by Giorgia Zucchelli

This demo shows how a fixed-point cordic algorithm to calculate a phase from polar coordinates (arct (dsp, cordic atan atan2 arc...)

Fixed-Point ATAN2 using CORDIC


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updated 8 years ago

Phase Locked Loop tutorial by Giorgia Zucchelli

A tutorial showing how Phase-Locked Loops, both analog and digital can be efficiently modeling in Si (dsp, pll vco nco phase loc...)

Demo: Phase Locked Loop



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