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updated 5 months ago

importhitran( par_file ) by Iain Robinson

Import the High-resolution Transmission Molecular Absorption Database (HITRAN). (hitran, spectroscopy)

importhitran( par_file )

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updated 5 months ago

Field Spectroscopy Facility Post Processing Toolbox by Iain Robinson

A toolbox for importing and processing optical spectra acquired with portable spectroradiometers. (toolbox, data import, earth science)

absolutereflectance(input, panel)

convolve(input, bands)

featuredepth(spectrum, leftWavelength, rightWavelength)

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updated 2 years ago

isfread by Iain Robinson

Read a waveform from a file in the internal format (ISF) used by some Tektronix oscilloscopes. (oscilloscope, instrument)

isfread (pattern)

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updated almost 3 years ago

Run ngspice simulation and import rawfile by Iain Robinson

Runs ngspice with a given netlist and loads the simulation output (rawfile) into MATLAB. (electronics, data import, simulation)


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