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updated 1 month ago

Draw a 3D airplane by Chad Greene

Chad Greene (view profile)

Draw a very simple 3D airplane and animate it too (c130, airplane, animation)



c130 documentation

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updated 2 years ago

URL Filter by Ned Gulley

Ned Gulley (view profile)

Scrape one or more numbers off of a web page (web, html, scrape)

Examples from the Trendy Tutorial

urlfilter(url, target, numNumbers, direction)

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updated 6 years ago

Pythagoras tree by Guillaume JACQUENOT

This function generates Pythagoras tree and exports the plot to SVG file. (pythagoras tree, svg, square)


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updated almost 7 years ago

Counting Teeth by Ned Gulley

Ned Gulley (view profile)

Use some image processing algorithms to count the number of teeth on a gear. (whitepaper, article, paper)

Counting teeth

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