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updated 2 years ago

XKCDIFY by Stuart Layton

Redraw existing plots to look like XKCD style plots (plotting, comics, graphics)


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updated almost 4 years ago

Large Data in MATLAB: A Seismic Data Processing Case Study by Stuart Kozola

These are the files used in the webinar on Feb. 23, 2011. (large data, seismic, segy)

Large Data in MATLAB: A Case Study in Seismic Data Proces...

Seismic Migration Example - Fault Model


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updated 4 years ago

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB - 2010 by Stuart Kozola

Files from the November 18, 2010 webinar. (algorithmic trading, trading, moving average)

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: Evolutionary Learning

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: More Signals

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: Moving Average and RSI

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updated 5 years ago

chkmem by Stuart McGarrity

Detect and Diagnose MATLABĀ® Memory Fragmentation Problems (out of memory matlab ...)


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updated 5 years ago

What's New for Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB Webinar - Code Examples by Stuart McGarrity

Code examples used in "What's New for Object-Oriented Programming in MATLABĀ®" Webinar (whitepaper, article, paper)

Events and listeners

Test Handle class

Test Inherited Class

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updated 5 years ago

Replace Simulink Scope/Display Blocks with Terminators by Stuart Bowman

Cleans Simulink models of all Scope and Display blocks by replacing them with Terminator blocks. (simulink, clean, scrub)




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updated 6 years ago

Tips & Tricks: Getting started using optimization with MATLAB by Stuart Kozola

Demo files from the August 21, 2008 Webinar (optimization, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing)

Optimization Tips Tricks



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