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updated 1 year ago

SimRF Models of Analog Devices RF Agile Transceivers by MathWorks RF Products Team

Simulate and verify agile RF transceivers and predict impact of RF imperfections using test signals (simrf, rf receiver, rf transmitter)

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updated 3 years ago

NFC by Johan Deckmar. Alexandre Perez-Boutavin.

NFC model with simple ASK modulation scheme and AGC (nfc, ask, agc)



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updated 5 years ago

Time-frequency Automatic Gain Control (AGC) by Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis (view profile)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) attempts to maintain a constant energy level for an audio signal. (sound, audio, automatic gain contro...)

fft2melmx(nfft, sr, nfilts, width, minfrq, maxfrq, htkmel...

istft(d, ftsize, w, h)

stft(x, f, w, h, sr)

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