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updated 4 months ago

inpolygons by Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney (view profile)

Finds points inside multiple polygons, holes possible. (approximation, interpolation, polygon)

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updated 1 year ago

biparabolic interpolation by Orlando Rodríguez

Biparabolic surface interpolation and calculation of derivatives. (approximation, interpolation, derivatives)


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updated 5 years ago

Bisection by Wolfgang Putschögl

Computes the root of a function f by bisectioning. (approximation, solve, mathematics)


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updated 5 years ago

Line Simplification by Wolfgang Schwanghart

Recursive Douglas-Peucker Polyline Simplification (Iterative Endpoint Fit) (approximation, interpolation, polyline)



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updated 7 years ago

Real-Valued Spherical Harmonics by Bing Jian

Bing Jian (view profile)

some useful spherical harmonics routines (approximation, interpolation, spherical harmonics)


SHRotate(r, degree)


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updated 8 years ago

Newton-Raphson by Keerthi venkateswara Rao

Newton-Raphson method for all real roots of the polynomial. (approximation, interpolation, iterative)




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updated almost 9 years ago

Lagrange Interpolator Polynomial by Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis (view profile)

Find the polynomial (defined by its coefficients) passing through a set of points. (approximation, interpolation, lagrange interpolator...)

Lagrange Interpolation Polynomial


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updated 10 years ago

Interpolation by Sokthai Chan

Sokthai Chan (view profile)

Tschebyscheff interpolation. (approximation, interpolation, sokthai chan)


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updated 10 years ago

Fast retrieve line coordinates by Alejandro Sanchez-Crespo

Fast retrieve the (x,y) coordinates of a line, given the starting and ending points. (approximation, interpolation, 2d)


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updated almost 11 years ago

ortho_poly.m (Chebyshev polynomials) by Balajee Ananthasayanam

Evaluates chebyshev polynomials with vector arguments for vector arguments x. (approximation, interpolation, chebyshev)


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updated 11 years ago

polyfic by Vassili Pastushenko

Vectorized fit of vectors to columns of a matrix. (approximation, interpolation, polynomial)


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updated 11 years ago

LegendreShiftPoly by Peter Roche

This program returns the coefficients of the shifted Legendre polynomial P_n, given n. (approximation, interpolation, shifted)


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updated 11 years ago

Entrop by Michael Boss

ENTROP implements a special version of the algorithm for entropy maximization. (approximation, interpolation, entropy)


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updated 11 years ago

Circle fit by Izhak Bucher

Izhak Bucher (view profile)

Fit a circle to a set of measured x,y points. (approximation, interpolation, circle fit)



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updated 12 years ago

fft_upsample by Ohad Gal

Ohad Gal (view profile)

Upsamples a complex series to form time domain interpolation for a fixed spaced grid. (approximation, interpolation, complex)

fft_upsample( in_m,upsample_factor )

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updated 14 years ago

smoothn by Anil Gannepalli

Smooths N-D input data using 'box' or 'gaussian' filter using a specified convolution kernel. (approximation, interpolation, smooth)


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updated 14 years ago

Lagrange polynomial interpolation by Carlo Castoldi

Lagrange polynomial interpolation (approximation, interpolation, lagrange)


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updated 16 years ago

polyfit2 by David Moline

Performs polynomial fits that pass through a specified point (x0,y0). (approximation, interpolation, tools)


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