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updated 20 days ago

Keypad press function by Eric Ogier

Eric Ogier (view profile)

Shortcuts and menus to graphical utilities (scale, zoom, translation and initialization) (zoom, translation, axes)




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updated 3 months ago

logKeyPress by Matthew Kelly

Logs each key press and time, and saves to a data file. (key logger, key press, key time)


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updated 1 year ago

Example: Using Nested Functions for Timers by Michelle Hirsch

Example code from MATLAB News & Notes article on nested functions. (nested function, timer, realtime)


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updated 1 year ago

superSlider by Danielle Ripsman

A flexible slider creation tool, that allows for multiple slides along a single axis. (slider, gui, visual)


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updated 2 years ago

Screenshot Video by lindo Ouseph

Capture the area of interest from the screen for a period to make video (video, screenshot video, realtime video captur...)



setFigTransparency(hFig, alpha, fadeDuration, blockingFlag)

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updated 2 years ago

Jigsaw puzzle by lindo Ouseph

interactive jigsaw puzzle. (game, image, mouse)


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updated 2 years ago

get pixel value by lindo Ouseph

shows pixel values on mouse tip (gui, image, mouse)


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updated 2 years ago

Semaphore by Kevin Wang

Simple semaphore implementation wrapping around Matlab's waitfor. (semaphore, lock, event)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Simulink Manipulation Utilities by Daniel O'Shea

A collection of functions for manipulating the structure and connectivity of Simulink models (simulink, mask, callback)

addBlockSafe(bSrc, bDest, varargin)

addLineExclusive(srcBlock, srcPortNum, dstBlocks, dstPort...

addLineSafe(srcBlock, srcPortNum, dstBlock, dstPortNum )

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updated 3 years ago

Super Mario Bros. Demo by Mingjing Zhang

Mingjing Zhang (view profile)

A playable demo of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 with background music (game, gui, animation)

Super Mario Bros. Demo


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updated 3 years ago

Let it snow: falling snow on every figure! by Mingjing Zhang

Mingjing Zhang (view profile)

Amazing falling snow effect for your MATLAB figure. Suitable for Holidays. (holiday, christmas, xmas)

letitsnow(figure_hdl, sf_color)

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updated almost 4 years ago

Get Rotation Matrix from 2 Orthogonal Planes by Gemma Parra

Computes a 3x3 rotation matrix from two orthogonal planes in a 3D point cloud. (rotation, matrix, 3d)

callbackClickARectangleLowerRight(src, eventData, pointCl...

callbackClickARectangleUpperLeft(src, eventData, pointCloud)


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updated 4 years ago

enable_editclick_notification by David

David (view profile)

Causes the currentobject property of a figure to be properly updated when an edit field is clicked. (gui, callback, currentobject)


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updated 4 years ago

Update error bar widths automatically on figure resize by Chris Rodgers

Add callback to the current axis to maintain a sensible error bar width on zooming. (callback, figure, errorbar)




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updated 4 years ago

Automatic Map Scale Generation by Jonathan Sullivan

Intelligently creates and places a scale on a figure based on the lat/lon limits. (map, scale, callback)


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updated 4 years ago

Dynamic Search Box by Nate Jensen

Nate Jensen (view profile)

A dynamic search box key press function callback for an edit box (keypressfcn, uicontrol, edit box)




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updated almost 5 years ago

datefig: figure handle class with automatically readjusting date ticks by Mark Mikofski

Mark Mikofski (view profile)

Handle class object that automatically resets date ticks after resize, zoom or pan. (figure, datetick, class)


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updated 5 years ago

Standalone Pulldown Menus by Kevin Crosby

Kevin Crosby (view profile)

Standalone pulldown menus with title. (pulldown, uicontrol, callback)


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updated almost 6 years ago

hover highlight by Nick Stokes

simple hover and highlight functionality (hover, windowbuttondownfcn, callback)

hoverlines( varargin )

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updated 6 years ago


Jiro Doke (view profile)

Emulates clicking on a UIcontrol object. (gui, display, annotation)

clickUIcontrol(h, focus, opt)

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updated 6 years ago

Click3dPoint by Babak Taati

Select a point from a 3D point cloud by clicking on it. (gui tools, mouse, click)

callbackClickA3DPoint(src, eventData, pointCloud)



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updated 7 years ago

GUIDE Callback Helper by Brian Cody

Get access to callback event data in your GUIDE GUIs. (gui, callback, guide)


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updated 8 years ago

addcallback by Almar Klein

Add a function handle to a callback list. All functions in the list are run when the callback execut (addcallback, callback, events)




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updated 8 years ago

Example: GUIDE ButtonDownFcn Callback by Narupon Chattrapiban

The GUI executes a callback function when a mouse is clicked over a figure. (gui tools, example, guide)


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updated 9 years ago

FHook by Gabriele Lombardi

A took to simply use hooking techniques and AOP. (development environme..., callback, hooking)




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