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updated 28 days ago

Normalized resistor value and color code data image by Oscar Cabrero Bertram

These functions help you to obtain the closest value of a resistence (electronics, resistence, color code)

order( val )

resistorNormalizedValue( R, T, v )


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updated almost 2 years ago

Beautiful and distinguishable line colors + colormap by Jonathan C. Lansey

Plot lots of lines with very distinguishable and aesthetically pleasing colors. Works for 'N' colors (colormap, graphing, colorbrewer)


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updated 5 years ago

Bipolar Colormap by Ged Ridgway

Ged Ridgway (view profile)

Symmetric/diverging/bipolar cold-neutral-hot colormap (colormap, color map, color scale)

Find a bipolar colormap, linear in grayscale, close to a ...

bipolar(m, n, interp)


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