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updated 3 months ago

Universal Color to Gray Conversion by Reza Farrahi Moghaddam

This function provides some methods to convert a color image to a gray-value image. (color to gray convers..., document image proces...)

universal_color_to_gray_converter(u, method_flag, method_...


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updated almost 2 years ago

Objective evaluation of binarization methods for document images by Reza Farrahi Moghaddam

Several measures are implemented to evaluate the output of the binarization methods. (objective evaluation, document image proces..., binarization)

my_compute_precision_recall_fmeasure(u, u0_GT, u0_SKL_GT)

objective_evaluation(listfilename, outputfile, varargin)

objective_evaluation_core(u, u0_GT, u_SKL_GT)

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