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updated 12 months ago

ODE Solver through Galerkin Method by Marcos Cesar Ruggeri

This program solves Ordinary Differential Equations by using the Galerkin method. (differential equation..., ode, galerkin)


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updated 1 year ago

Linear Equation by James Adams

Calculates a linear equation for two given points. (linear, inversion, matrix)


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updated 2 years ago

NEWTON RAPHSON by Sandeep Solanki

Newton-raphson method to find root of an equation. (function, newton, newtonraphson)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Help References by Michael Chan

Michael Chan (view profile)

The objective is to illustrate how certain references may be made to the codes. (equation, documentation, linking)


convx( M, h, L, x )

generateSquareWave( length, periodicSamples )

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updated almost 4 years ago

muller by osman onur gürler

its mathematical muller method for find roots of equations (muller, mathematics, root)


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updated almost 4 years ago

secand by osman onur gürler

calculates equation roots for border points (secand, root, equation)


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updated 4 years ago

Solve simultaneous equations by Jon André Adsersen

Small program to make it easier solving simultaneous equations. (simultaneous, equations, simultaneous equation...)


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updated 4 years ago

Circular-Restricted Three-Body Problem (CRTBP) - Sun_Earth_Moon by Nishant Gupta

Simulation the Hill’s Problem of 3-body system in MATLAB (circularrestricted th..., plotting, simulation)


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updated 4 years ago

Accurate Fast Marching by Dirk-Jan Kroon

Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)

Multistencils second order Fast Marching 2D and 3D including rk4 shortest path and skeletonize (msfm, multistencils, multi stencils)




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updated 4 years ago

Solution of Differential Equations with MATLAB & Simulink: Lorenz Attractor Case Study by Simulink Dude

Simulink Dude (view profile)

Simulink design pattern for solving differential equations, visualize results in MATLAB graphics (differential, equation, lorenz)


lorenz_graphs_level_1(t,x,u,flag, x_initial)


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updated 4 years ago

Fuzzy Relational Calculus Toolbox, Rel.1.01 by Kyosev Yordan

The toolbox provides functions and original algorithms for solving direct and inverse problems. (neural and fuzzy syst..., fuzzy, equation)




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updated almost 5 years ago

Fuzzy Calculus Core (FC2ore) by Zlatko Zahariev

Software package for fuzzy relational calculus tasks with applications. (neural and fuzzy syst..., fuzzy, equation)




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updated 5 years ago

Bouncing Ball with Damping and Temperature Visualization by Simulink Dude

Simulink Dude (view profile)

Extension of the bouncing ball demo for the getting started series demos. (3d, animation, simulink)


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updated 5 years ago

Substitute Expressions in Matlab by Shaminda Subasingha

Substitute parts of a equation (mathematical expression). Helpful in simplifying long expressions. (statistics, optimization, symbolic)




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updated 6 years ago

Regression Analysis by Gerhard Nieuwenhuiys

Do regression analysis (curve fitting) on 2D, 3D graphs and Differential equations. (differential, equation, linear)




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updated 7 years ago

detp by Reinaldo Mauricio do Nascimento

Linear algebra with pivoting (linear algebra, determinant, linear equations syst...)


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updated 7 years ago

fac2pequ by Abdelrahman mohammed

convert factor of polynomial equation to equation (factor, convert, polynomial)

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updated 8 years ago

Method of elimination of Gauss with pivoting partial by Giovanni Di Cecca, Virginia Bellino

Solve Linear Equation in format Ax=b (linear algebra, gauss, equation)




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updated 11 years ago

Find Polynomial Intersections by Alister Fong

Alister Fong (view profile)

Find the intersections between 2 or more polynomials. (polynomial, intersection, solve)



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updated 11 years ago

ode87 Integrator by Vasiliy Govorukhin

This program integrates ode system with high accuracy. (differential equation..., runge, kutta)


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updated 13 years ago

Mandelbrot by Altan Bassa

Mandelbrot (gallery, mandelbrot, equation)

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