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updated 9 months ago

Tektronix: AFG Function Generator - Signal Generation by MathWorks Instrument Control Team

Generate arbitrary or standard waveforms for Tektronix AFG 2000 and AFG 3000 function generators (tektronix, function generator, arbitrary waveform ge...)


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updated 11 months ago

AgArbTrans_V2.m by Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh

Agilent 33500 Arb Loader (agilent, visa, programming)


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updated 12 months ago

NI ELVIS II Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter Support by MathWorks Classroom Resources Team

MATLAB library that extends support for communicating with a NI ELVIS II prototyping platform (support package, elvis, ni)




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updated 1 year ago

Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for National Instruments NI-FGEN function generators by MathWorks Instrument Control Team

Support Package Installer File that works with Support Package Installer. (national instruments, nifgen, function generator)

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updated 1 year ago

Simple Function Generator by Hiroyuki Kato

function "sfg.m" can generate sin,square,duty square,iso triangle,saw tooth,sweep .and fft. (signal processing, control design, mathematics)


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updated 2 years ago

33500 Arbitrary Waveform Function by Neil Forcier

Send arbitrary waveforms to Agilent 33522a, 33521b, 33522b, and other generators using MATLAB (33500, waveform generator, arbitrary waveform)


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updated almost 4 years ago

MATLAB Support Package for Velleman PCSGU250 Oscilloscope + Function Generator by MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Team

MATLAB library for controlling a Velleman PCSGU250 scope and generator (support package, velleman, pcsgu250)



vellscope.makeLibFile(data, filename)

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updated 5 years ago

Agilent 33220A Function Generator - Driver by The Instrument Control Team

MATLAB instrument driver for the Agilent 33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator (instrument drivers, agilent, 33220a)

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updated 5 years ago

Tektronix AFG3000 Series - MATLAB Driver and Example by The Instrument Control Team

Create a frequency sweep and source the signal to a Tek AFG3000 series - all from within MATLABĀ®. (tektronix, afg3011, afg3021b)


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updated 5 years ago

findInstrument - Find and connect to instruments using the model or manufacturer name by Gautam Vallabha

Simplifies connecting to a USB or GPIB instrument using the model name, vendor name or VISA resource (instrument control, ict, instrument)

findInstrument(searchstr, adaptor)


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