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updated 19 days ago

zoharby/plot_google_map by Zohar Bar-Yehuda

Plot a google map on the background of the current figure using the Static Google Maps API. (potw, pick of the week, wgs)

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updated 2 months ago

GooglePlot by Gerben J. de Boer

Plotting in Google Earth (google earth)


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updated 2 years ago

KML Toolbox v2.7 by Rafael Oliveira

Create KML/KMZ files and view them in Google Earth. Supports 3D models, contours, overlays, and more (google earth, kml, geography)




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updated 2 years ago

makekmz by David Long

David Long (view profile)

Simple tool to generate .kmz file for precision GoogleEarth image overlay w/auto tiling & rotation (google earth, kmz, kml)



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updated 3 years ago

pwr_kml_3d by Patrick Robinson

Creates a 3-D google earth KMZ file from a matrix of [Time,Lat,Lon] and [Time,Depth/Altitude] (track, path, kml)



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updated 3 years ago

kml line plot by Cameron Sparr

Draw nan-separated lines (or a single line) onto Google Earth. (geodata, coastline, coast)

kml_line(lon, lat, varargin)

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updated 3 years ago

Google Earth Toolbox by scott lee davis

scott lee davis (view profile)

  • 1 file
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Various plotting/drawing functions that can be saved as KML output, and loaded in Google Earth (google, earth, kml)

Google Earth toolbox - ge_axes

Google Earth toolbox - ge_barbdaes

Google Earth toolbox - ge_box

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updated 3 years ago

kml contour plot by Cameron Sparr

Create a Google Earth KML file with labelled contour lines. (google earth, geoscience, topography)

kml_contour(lon, lat, z, varargin)

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updated almost 4 years ago

Google Earth Overlay by Cameron Sparr

Overlay a MATLAB figure, .fig file, or image file onto Google Earth. (google earth, overlay, ge overlay)

export_overlay(filename, output, rect)

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updated 4 years ago

getTile by Nick Mortimer

Get tiles from nearmap or google and returns a single composite image (google earth, google, nearmap)

GoogleTile(tx, ty, zoom)

LatLonToMeters(lat, lon )

LatLonToPixels( lat, lon, zoom)

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updated 4 years ago

Control Google Earth with a Simulink Model with GUI by Wan Nawi

Wan Nawi (view profile)

This GUI can control the camera movement of the Google Earth. (google earth, com, simulink)




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updated 5 years ago

Google Earth by Richard Gueler

Example of using Matlab to control Google Earth via the Google Earth API. (google earth)


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updated 6 years ago

GESCATTER by Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens (view profile)

Create a scatter plot in Google Earth (.kml) (data export, google earth, kml)


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updated 7 years ago

Google Earth COM API (Example) by Gus Brown

Gus Brown (view profile)

Connect to the Google Earth COM API (external interface, application interface, google earth)




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updated almost 9 years ago

read_kml by Amy Farris

Reads a Google Earth .kml file into Matlab (google earth, kml, read_kml)


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