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updated 3 months ago

Bitcount & bitwise hamming distance by Oliver Woodford

Count the set bits in vectors, and compute bitwise hamming distances between sets of vectors (bit, bitwise, hamming)


bitwise_hamming(A, B)

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updated 5 months ago

Replacement Window Functions by Jim

Jim (view profile)

Uncommonly Well-Behaved Implementations of Seven Common Window Functions (window, window function, weighting)




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updated 1 year ago

Window Utilities by Joe Henning

A variety of window and apodization utilities (window, apodization, atomic function)

atomwin(N, wintype, arg1, arg2, normwin, options)

barthewin(N, beta, p, ustep)

bartheword(A, bw)

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updated 3 years ago

Hamming error correcting code by John Diaz

John Diaz (view profile)

Error Correction Hamming Code (hamming, code, corrector de errores)


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updated 3 years ago

16 point radix 2 DIF FFT with Hamming window by Denny Hermawanto

Implementation of 16 point radix 2 with Hamming window (fft, hamming)



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updated 3 years ago

Hamming simulation by renny

renny (view profile)

method of hamming simulation (hamming)


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updated 3 years ago

Hamming distance between two integers by Francisco Calderon

The hamming distande is the number of positions at which the corresponding symbols are different (signal processing, hamming, norm distance)

disthamming( x,y )

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updated almost 4 years ago

Hamming Code Model by Nishant Gupta

Error in signal with & without Hamming Code (communication, system, hamming)


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updated 7 years ago

Lowpass FIR filter on .wav file with windowing by Theo Harushi Franco

it implements a lowpass filter with Windowing on a WAV file (audio processing, video processing, wav file)


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updated 8 years ago

BER curve for hard decision block code BPSK by B Gremont

B Gremont (view profile)

A simple m-file to compute the experiemntal BER of coded BPSK (coding theory, information theory, hamming)


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updated almost 9 years ago

Filter Implementation by Rao Farhat Masood

Implementation of Filters. (filter design, filter analysis, filter)




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updated 12 years ago

FIR Windows using the Texas Instruments TMS320C5416 DSK by Richard Sikora

Richard Sikora (view profile)

Using Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman and Kaiser windows for FIR. (hardware targets, dsp, dsk)




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updated almost 17 years ago

Hamming Encoder-Decoder by Roberto Sanz Gil

Two M files implementing a Hamming (12,9) Encoder-Decoder algorithm. (coding theory, information theory, hamming)



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