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updated 2 months ago

Heat Equation 2d (t,x) by implicit method by Carlos

heat, heat equation, 2d, implicit method (implicit method, heat, heat equation)


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updated 9 months ago

Finite Difference Method to solve Heat Diffusion Equation in Two Dimensions. by Sathyanarayan Rao

Heat diffusion equation of the form Ut=a(Uxx+Uyy) is solved numerically. All units are arbitrary. (aerospace, automotive, diffusion)


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updated 1 year ago

Accelerating Heat Equation on the GPU by Simone Hämmerle

A GUI for comparing the performance of different implementations of the heat equation on CPU and GPU (gpu, speedup, demo)


heateq_cpu_filt(k, n, Ts, L, c,h)

heateq_cpu_ind(k, n, Ts, L, c,h)

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