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updated 9 months ago

ECG IIR Notch Filtering with Transient Suppression by Arturo Moncada-Torres

Implementation of the ECG IIR notch filtering with transient suppression proposed by Pei and Tseng (digital signal proces..., dsp, ecg)

ecgTransientSuppression(x_n, fs, fd, BW, M)


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updated 2 years ago

Room Impulse Response Generator by Stephen McGovern

This program calculates the acoustical impulse response of a rectangular room (audio processing, video processing, room)


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updated 3 years ago

Equalizer, audioplayer, GUI by Maxim Vedenyov

Maxim Vedenyov (view profile)

Possible to change equalizer during playing (equalizer, eq, dsp)

[b a]=get_high_shelving_filter(g,Q,f,Fs)

[b a]=get_low_shelving_filter(g,Q,f,Fs)

[b a]=get_peak_filter(g,Q,f,Fs)

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updated 5 years ago

Fundamental Frequency Tracking through Comb (Notch) IIR Filtering by Ikaro Silva

Ikaro Silva (view profile)

Implements the algorithm described in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (11/2009) by Tan and Jiang. (frequency tracking, harmonics, lms)


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updated 5 years ago

Digital Filters with MATLAB by Ricardo Losada

Ricardo Losada (view profile)

Tutorial on digital filter design and implementation with MATLAB. (filter design, filter analysis, digital filters)

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updated almost 6 years ago

Digital Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Filter by Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett (view profile)

Generates digital IIR coefficients from only Resistor and Capacitor values (signal processing, rc filter, iir design)

rc_filter(R, C, Fs, filter_type)

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updated 6 years ago

audio signal filtering by rahul tulsian

this program give a real time application of audio signal filtering (audio, filter, audio signal filterin...)




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updated 10 years ago

tf2dspiciirc by Moret Louis

Transfer Function to DSPic IIR Canonic coefficients. (hardware targets, dspic, iir)

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updated 11 years ago

RLS Algorithm Demo by Tamer Mellik

Tamer Mellik (view profile)

A system identification by the usage of the RLS algorithm. (system identification, fir, iir)



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updated 11 years ago

IIR Bandpass Filters using the TI TMS320C5416 DSK by Richard Sikora

Designing IIR bandpass filters using the bilinear transform (BLT) ... (hardware targets, dsp, dsk)




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updated 11 years ago

First to Sixth Order IIR Filters using the TI TMS320C5416 by Richard Sikora

An application written in C for the Texas Instruments C5000 ... (hardware targets, dsp, dsk)




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updated almost 12 years ago

IIR Filters for Texas Instruments C5000 / C6000 DSP by Richard Sikora

A series of IIR filters for use with the Texas Instruments TMS320C5510 DSK with C code and MATLAB. (hardware targets, tms320, c5000)




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updated almost 12 years ago

A New IIR-type Digital Fractional order differentiator by YangQuan Chen

A New IIR-type Digital Fractional order differentiator. (filter design, filter analysis, iir)

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updated almost 12 years ago

Low-pass IIR digital differentiator design by YangQuan Chen

Low pass IIR Digital differentiator weighted Inverse Simpson and trapezoidal scheme. (filter design, filter analysis, iir)

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