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updated 2 months ago

Extended DFT by Vilnis Liepins

Vilnis Liepins (view profile)

Program EDFT produce high-resolution N-point DFT for N greater than the length of data vector. (spectral analysis, fft, dft)




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updated 1 year ago

gradedmesh by Ben Postlethwaite

Meta-function and optional GUI that transforms linear mesh coordinates into a chosen graded mesh (mesh graded gradedmes..., mesh graded gradedmes..., mesh)

meshfunc(curve, weight)


plotmesh( x, z )

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updated 9 years ago

cut samples - interpolation by Aslak Grinsted

Aslak Grinsted (view profile)

Interpolates irregular spaced data by 'cutting' the x axis into specified intervals. (approximation, interpolation, cutsamples)

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updated almost 14 years ago

clip by Kathleen Edwards

Clips contour lines and pcolor plots far away from your irregularly spaced observation, or over land (system identification, pcolor, contour)

clip_land(han,map_lat,map_lon) ;

clip_mask(han,obs_lon,obs_lat,km) ;

surface_mask(han,obs_lon,obs_lat,km) ;

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