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updated 6 months ago

Bayesian robust mixture model by Gabriel Agamennoni

Gabriel Agamennoni

MatLab object for clustering real-valued data with noise, outliers and missing values (bayesian models, clustering, robust clustering)


(ConstructOnLoad) brmm %#ok

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updated 11 months ago

Robust smoothing for 1-D to N-D data (easy version of SMOOTHN) by Damien Garcia

Damien Garcia

EZSMOOTHN allows unsupervised robust smoothing and can deal with missing values (smoothing, robust smoothing, missing data)


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updated 12 months ago

EMPCA by Vicente Parot

Vicente Parot

Expectation-Maximization Principal Component Analysis (pca, expectation maximizat..., gpu)

empca(a, ncomps, emtol, maxiters)

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updated 1 year ago

Inpaint over missing data in 1-D, 2-D, 3-D,... N-D arrays by Damien Garcia

Damien Garcia

Y = INPAINTN(X) computes the missing data in the N-D array X. (inpaint, griddatan, interpolation)


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updated 1 year ago

rmvregress by Juha Ala-Luhtala

Juha Ala-Luhtala

Function for multivariate robust linear regression with missing data. (robust regression, missing data)


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updated 3 years ago

gap size by Aslak Grinsted

Aslak Grinsted

Calculates number of consequtive NaNs in a vector. (gap, nan, length)


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updated almost 5 years ago

ARMAsel for Irregular or Missing Data by Piet M T Broersen

Piet M T Broersen

Spectral and Autocorrelation Analysis with automatic selection from AR, MA and ARMA models (spectral analysis, spectrum, armasel)




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updated 5 years ago

Interpolation for missing data by Prakash Manandhar

Prakash Manandhar

Interpolates using nearest neighbor, bilinear or bicubic formula for missing data points (interpolation, nearest neighbor, 2d)

bicinter(x, y, z, x0, y0)

findnearest (x, y, z, x0, y0, N)

lininter(x, y, z, x0, y0)

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