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updated 11 days ago

Distribute figures by Anders Simonsen

Anders Simonsen

This function can distribute figures on different parts of the screen(s). (position, pick of the week, potw)




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updated 14 days ago

easy matlab and shell interaction library (ez.m) by Jerry


make it easy to interact with shell, os in matlab (shell, matlab, python)

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updated 7 months ago

dragndrop by Michelle Hirsch

Michelle Hirsch

This allows you to easily add drag and drop capabilities to any GUI. (annotation, customization, drag)

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updated 10 months ago

guimove by Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali

Move the current figure window to a specified position with respect to the parent window. (move, gui)

guimove(hp, hc, position)

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updated almost 3 years ago

Copy Files in Batches using Search Terms by Tristan Ursell

Tristan Ursell

Copy files matching search terms, from sub-directories matching search terms into a new directory. (array, cell, copy)


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updated almost 3 years ago

File Name Search Function by Tristan Ursell

Tristan Ursell

Generate a list of file names that meet a set of text search criteria. (file, search, find)


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updated 3 years ago

masses and rods move simulations by Maxim Vedenyov

Maxim Vedenyov

animation, Lagrangian mechanics used (masses, rods, move)



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updated almost 4 years ago

RenameField by Jan Simon

Jan Simon

Rename a fields of a struct - fast C-Mex (struct, field, rename)

RenameField(S, Old, New)


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updated 4 years ago

FileRename by Jan Simon

Jan Simon

Fast renaming of files or folders (file, rename, move)

FileRename(Source, Dest, Mode)


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updated 4 years ago

plot_shift.m by Corey Gravelle

Corey Gravelle

Multiple data sets are managed and compared with the mouse, by shifting objects and axes (plot, shift, move)


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updated 5 years ago

Virtual Tackball by Tobias


Virtual trackball to rotate the view of a 3-D plot interactively. (trackball 3d rotate m..., trackball, 3d)


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updated 5 years ago

MATLAB Contest - Gene Splicing by The MATLAB Contest Team

The MATLAB Contest Team

All the files needed to develop and score an entry for the MATLAB® Programming Contest. (games, gene splicing, contest)




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updated almost 6 years ago

Moveit2 - Move a graphical object with the mouse. by Anders Brun

Anders Brun

Move graphical objects with your mouse. Works for pcolor, plot, patches and perhaps more. (gui, mouse, move)


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updated almost 6 years ago

Move Sphere by Husam Aldahiyat

Husam Aldahiyat

Creates a randomly coloured sphere and moves it from point A to point B with speed V. (sphere, rotate, move)



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updated 6 years ago

Opti Move by Krishna Lalith

Krishna Lalith

Famous game called "FULL BOARD" by Erich Friedman. (games, opti, move)




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updated almost 7 years ago

guipanel by Dan Cohn

Dan Cohn

Creates dynamically moveable and resizeable uipanels – uses almost identical syntax to uipanel. (gui tools, example, gui)

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updated 7 years ago

DISPLACE by Vassili Pastushenko

Vassili Pastushenko

drags nonmodified line/patch/text objects (data exploration, drag, displace)

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updated 7 years ago

Drag Patches Demo by Joseph Kirk

Joseph Kirk

shows how to create patches that can be clicked and dragged around (data exploration, drag, patch)


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updated 8 years ago

Forbidden Donut by Jerome Briot

Jerome Briot

Favorite FEX contribution of Homer Simpson (games, forbidden donut, mouse)


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updated 8 years ago

Graphic Editing Tool by Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez

Edit plots and text by just selecting them with the mouse. This function allows you to easily move. (annotation, customization, edit)

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updated 9 years ago

moverotateobj by Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez

allows to graphically and simply move and rotate lines and text objects (annotation, customization, move)

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updated 10 years ago

Directory Clean-up by Olivier Salvado

Olivier Salvado

Automatically clean up a directory by moving files to a sub-directory. (path, directories, files)


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updated 10 years ago

Mousetrack by Ralph Mettier

Ralph Mettier

Track the motion of your mouse over an image. (data exploration, mouse, motion)


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updated 12 years ago

moveaxis by Andrew Hastings

Andrew Hastings

Function used to move any axes. (Modified legend moveaxis) (annotation, customization, move)

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