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updated 13 days ago

Landing Gear Model in Simscape by Pravesh Sanghvi

Landing gear model, including main and lock hydraulic actuators, and multibody dynamics (physical modeling, landing gear, hydraulic)




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updated 22 days ago

SimMechanics Mini Golf Library by Steve Miller

Components for modeling a mini golf course. Contact forces are demonstrated on a 9-hole course. (simmechanics, second generation, 2g)

Plane_Data_Ring(ring_od, ring_id)



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updated 1 month ago

Backhoe Model in Simscape by Steve Miller

Backhoe model, including hydraulic actuators for arm and bucket tilt, and multibody dynamics. (backhoe, excavator, digger)

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updated 4 months ago

Scissor Lift Model in SimMechanics by Steve Miller

Scissor lift built from a library of parameterized, reusable components, with a hydraulic actuator. (simmechanics, simhydraulics, simscape)

Extr_Data_Link2Hole(L, W, r)

Extr_Data_Ring(ring_or, ring_ir, deg1, deg2, varargin)


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updated 4 months ago

Aileron Model in SimMechanics by Steve Miller

Aileron model with hydraulic and electrical actuation, including system-level and detailed variants (aerospace, hydraulic, electrical)

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updated 4 months ago

Lift Table Model in Simscape by Steve Miller

Lift table with hydraulic actuation, controlled by an analog circuit, with a 3-D scissor mechanism. (hydraulic, electrical, physical modeling)

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updated 4 months ago

SimMechanics-Simscape Interface Examples by Steve Miller

Models showing connection between Simscape and SimMechanics Second Generation Technology (simmechanics, second generation, 2g)

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updated 4 months ago

SimMechanics Parameterized Part Examples by Steve Miller

Parameterized parts for SimMechanics, including MATLAB functions for defining extrusions. (simmechanics, second generation, 2g)

Extr_Data_Ellipse(a, b, deg1, deg2, ctr, varargin)

Extr_Data_Gear(type, Dp, N, varargin)

Extr_Data_Link1Hole(L, W, r)

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updated almost 3 years ago

QuIRK Multibody Dynamics Package by Joseph Shoer

A set of tools for constructing systems of constrained rigid bodies and analyzing their motion (multibody, rigid body, dynamics)




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