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updated 8 months ago

GAOT-ECM Seismic Vibration Case Study by Monica Patrascu

GAOT-ECM: Extension For Control And Modeling - Seismic Vibration Case Study with MR Damper (case study evolutiona..., evolutionary computin..., genetic algorithms)

GAOT_ECM_MRdamper(criteria, fitnessFunctionName, mdlF...

GAOT_ECM_MRdamper_GA(criteria, evalFN, termFNOptimalV...

evalcontrolMRdamper(genom, options)

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updated 2 years ago

PID Controller Design for a DC Motor by Arkadiy Turevskiy

This file shows PID Controller tuning in MATLAB and Simullink for DC Motor control. (control design, pid control, pid controller)


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updated almost 3 years ago

PID Controller Design and Tuning with MATLAB and Simulink - Engine Control by Arkadiy Turevskiy

This demo file shows capabilities for PID Controller design and tuning in MATLAB and Simullink. (pid controller, pid tuning, pid control)

plot_format(X1, YMatrix1)



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updated 8 years ago

Learning PID Tuning I: Process Reaction Curve by Yi Cao

Yi Cao (view profile)

process reaction curve approach to tune PID controller (process reaction curv..., firstorderplustimedel..., pid tuning)

Learning PID Tuning I: Process Reaction Curve


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