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updated 1 month ago

the correlation of code PRN by Salim Djezzar

this file contains files *.mdl and *.m one can with calculating the PRN of 24 satellites GPS to see (dsp, prn, correaltion)




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updated 1 month ago

RUNINDEX by Jos (10584)

Jos (10584) (view profile)

linear indices for each run in a vector (run length encoding) (indexing, run length encoding, linear)


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updated 2 years ago

FINDSEQ by Oleg Komarov

Oleg Komarov (view profile)

Find sequences of repeated (adjacent/consecutive) numeric values. NaNs and Infs are supported. (sequence, repeated, consecutive)


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updated 3 years ago

probOfStreak by Jeff Evans

Calculate the probability of a run or streak of K consecutive successes in N Bernoulli trials. (probability, combinatorics, run)


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updated 6 years ago

evalf.m v2.0 (Sep, 2009) by Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

Evaluates any function (handle, anonymous, name, full-name) even if not in the MATLAB PATH! (utilities, path, anonymous function)


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updated 11 years ago

CONTIGUOUS -- Start and stop indices for contiguous runs by David Fass

David Fass (view profile)

RUNS = CONTIGUOUS(A,NUM) returns the start and stop indices for contiguous runs of the elements NUM (contiguous, run, runs)


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