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updated 29 days ago

RepInSel by shmash

GUI Replace text in Matlab Editor's selection (gui, replace text, selection)


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updated 5 months ago

nth_element by Peter Li

MEX wrap of C++ nth_element. Plus fast_median, a faster median function. In-place and parallel. (nth_element, c, mex)




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updated 5 months ago

Active Figure Zoom for Selecting Points by Tristan Ursell

Select points at a user-specified zoom level that moves around the image as you click. (figure, zoom, select)


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updated 6 months ago

TXTMENU - Text-Based Menu List in Command Window With Prompt by Sky Sartorius

Displays a list of options in the command window, prompts the user, and returns the selection. (menu, ui, list)


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updated 10 months ago

COMBNSUB by Jos (10584)

Subset of all possible combinations of a fixed number of elements of a vector (v1.1, june 2013) (combination, subset, selection)

combnsub(V,N, IX)

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updated 12 months ago

Min/Max selection by Bruno Luong

Search for k smallest or largest elements in the array (min, max, sorting)




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updated 1 year ago

COMBN (4.3) by Jos (10584)

All combinations of N elements taken from the vector V. (matrices, combination, permutation)


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updated 1 year ago

London Kings Cross Western Concourse Genetic Algorithm by Dean Kayton

A simple genetic algorithm is applied to a model of the London Kings Cross Western Concourse. (genetic algorithm, kings cross, concourse)




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updated 1 year ago

NCHOOSECRIT (V1.0 feb 2013) by Jos (10584)

returns those subsets (= combinations of elements of a set) that fulfill a specific criterion (combinations, sets, subsets)

nchoosecrit(S, FUN)

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updated 1 year ago

GINPUT on GUI (Keeping toolbar features on) & Use of custom pointers by Divakar Roy

GUI Framework to use GINPUT (keeping all toolbar features on) + Custom pointers for plots and more. (ginput, gui, mouse)



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updated 1 year ago

Find and replace in selection by Sam Johnson

Find and replace in currently selected editor text. (find, replace, find and replace)

replaceInSelection(oldSubstr, newSubstr)

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updated 2 years ago

Random Weighted Selection by Adam Gripton

Randomly pick n from m>=n elements, biased with given linear weights without replacement. (random, weighted, selection)


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updated 2 years ago

List Selection Dialog by Ivar Eskerud Smith

A dialog to select multiple strings from a set of specified strings. (list, selection, options)


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updated 2 years ago

KTHCOMBN by Jos (10584)

K-th combination(s) of elements (combinations, permutations, selection)

kthcombn (V,N,K)

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updated 3 years ago

mplot: Multiple plots in a single figure with list box selection by Levente Hunyadi

Adds multiple plot instructions to a figure and the user chooses which one to use from a list box. (gui, figure, plot)



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updated 3 years ago

Two Pane Selection GUI by Robyn Jackey

A simple dialog which allows you to select items from the left list and place them on the right. (matlab, dialog, gui)




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updated 4 years ago

daqSelector by Isaac Noh

GUI selection tool for DAQ hardware (example, application, daq)


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updated 4 years ago

instrSelector by Isaac Noh

GUI selection tool for instrumentation connected via VISA. (application, automatic, instrument)


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updated almost 6 years ago

NCHOOSE2 (v2.1 - jun 2008) by Jos (10584)

all combinations of two elements (matrices, nchoosek, combinations)


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updated almost 6 years ago

get_choice v2.3 by Phillip M. Feldman

allow user to choose among alternatives by typing one of several short strings (data import, data export, choice)


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updated 6 years ago

SWIDDER virtual 2D-slider by Vassili Pastushenko

virtual 2D slider for GUI integer or float, NaN below minX, minY (data exploration, 2d slider, gui)




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updated almost 7 years ago

Graphical Points Selection by Thomas Montagnon

A graphical selection of points where you want to apply specific treatment (data exploration, plot, selection)


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updated 7 years ago

Ellipseselect by Rajiv Narayan

An interactive ellipse selection tool (data exploration, ellipse, selection)




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updated almost 9 years ago

interactivelegend by Francois Bouffard

Highlights and identifies a selected plot object. (data exploration, plot, selection)


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updated almost 11 years ago

pickn by Richard Medlock

Return P random picks of N items from an input vector A. (statistics, probability, pick)


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updated almost 12 years ago

GetCurrentValue by Richard Medlock

Returns the current selection in a list box. (gui tools, example, listbox)


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