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updated 1 day ago

Tree Controls for User Interfaces by Robyn Jackey

Robyn Jackey

Provides the capability to easily create tree controls for an application or user inter (oop, user interface, gui)




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updated 3 months ago

Kruskal's algorithm by Georgios Papachristoudis

This function implements Kruskal's algorithm that finds a minimum spanning tree for a weighted graph (kruskal, spanning, tree)

kruskal(X, w)

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updated 4 months ago

Prüfer's encoding and decoding by MOHAMMEDI RIDHA DJAMEL


Prüfer sequence (graph theory, prufer, tree)




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updated 5 months ago

octree - partitioning 3D points into spatial subvolumes by Sven


OcTree recursively splits a large set of points into smaller subvolumes. A QuadTree but in 3D. (stl, space, volume)


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updated 7 months ago

Tree data structure as a MATLAB class by Jean-Yves Tinevez

Jean-Yves Tinevez

A per-value class that implements a generic tree data structure. (matlab, data structure, tree)

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updated 1 year ago

k-D tree by Guy Shechter

Guy Shechter

Perform closest point search or range query using a k-D tree implementation. (kd, tree, range)




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updated 1 year ago

a LogitBoost implementation by sun peng

sun peng

An up-to-date implementation of LogitBoost for multi-class classification. (classification, boosting, ensemble)




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updated almost 2 years ago

ShowStructTree.m by Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Display the fields of a structure as a tree. (struct, structure, struct contents)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Recursive Integer Guessing Game by Adam Gripton

Adam Gripton

A recursive algorithm that queries an objective function to guess an unknown integer. (guess, game, function)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Store Binary Trees in Matrices or Cells by Abraham


The utilities manipulate matrices or cells which store binary trees. (tree, mathematics, data exploration)




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updated 3 years ago

Comparison of C++, Java, Python, Ruby and MATLAB Using Object Oriented Example by Stuart McGarrity

Stuart McGarrity

RedBlack Tree Binary Search Example Used to Compare of C++, Java™, Python, Ruby and MATLAB® Code (whitepaper, article, paper)




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updated 3 years ago

Cell/Struct Tree, and Struct Sorting by T. R.

T. R.

Generates trees for cell arrays, structs and data, from a cell or a struct. (tree, cell, struct)

celltree( A, N, O )

sortstruct( X, FN, DIM, MODE )

structtree( S, N, O )

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updated 4 years ago

grTheory - Graph Theory Toolbox by Sergii Iglin

Sergii Iglin

28 functions for different tasks of graph theory (vertex, edge, matching)




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updated 4 years ago

Axes objects tree viewer by Pirmin Borer

Pirmin Borer

Shows objects contained within axes as a tree and lets you manipulate them interactively. (object tree, tree, uitree)


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updated 4 years ago

dep by Thomas Guillod

Thomas Guillod

Make a dependency report for a matlab file and plot the call graph. Make only static code analysis. (directories, function, call)




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updated 6 years ago

Minimum Spanning Tree or "Arbre Couvrant de Poids Minimal" (Kruskal Algorithm) with GUI using GUIDE by FONKWE


This is a GUI for the minimum spanning tree problem using kRUSKAL'S algorithm (gui, tree, branches)




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updated 6 years ago

Forest Reverb Generator by Travis Wiens

Travis Wiens

Generates acoustic impulse response of a forest. (audio processing, video processing, forest)

[Y y]=mpf(Y_abs)

[gain_P gamma psi_m]=scatter_cyl(a, phi, f, N_m, c)

[y Y]=scatter_impulse(a,phi,F_s,N_fft,N_m,f_f, minphase,c)

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updated almost 7 years ago

Iterative Closest Point Method, C++ by Per Bergström

Per Bergström

ICP fit points in data to the points in model. (optimization, icp, iterative closest poi...)




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updated almost 7 years ago

tree labelling by Alireza Fasih

Alireza Fasih

simple and new algorithm for labellings of 3 level trees (morphology, segmentation, tree)



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updated 8 years ago

DataStructures by Paul Richards

Paul Richards

Set and map datastructures implemented in pure Matlab (structures, cell arrays, binary)

DefaultComparator(left, right)



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updated almost 9 years ago

collapse.m by Gerald Dalley

Gerald Dalley

Removes degenerate portions of a cell array tree. (structures, cell arrays, cell)

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updated 9 years ago

XMas Tree by Marc Lätzel

Marc Lätzel

Draws a xmas tree with decorations (gallery, xmas tree patch decor..., christmas)

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updated 9 years ago

Directory Traversal and Duplicate File Deletion using the SHA-256 Hash by Michael Kleder

Michael Kleder

On Windows systems, finds duplicate files in a directory tree using SHA-256, then rapidly deletes. (path, directories, files)


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updated 9 years ago

Prims Algorithm by Vikramaditya Kundur

Vikramaditya Kundur

Minimal spanning tree. (specialized, plotting, prims)


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updated almost 11 years ago

Structure Tree by Juan Vega

Juan Vega

Prints to a file the fields of a structure in tree format. (structures, cell arrays, tree)

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updated 11 years ago

rmtree by Jochen Lenz

Jochen Lenz

Remove complete tree from MATLAB path. (path, directories, files)


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updated 11 years ago

addtree by Jochen Lenz

Jochen Lenz

Add directory trees to MATLAB path. (path, directories, files)


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updated almost 13 years ago

plotstruct by Berthold Kaeferstein

Berthold Kaeferstein

Plot a structure as tree. (structures, cell arrays, tree)

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updated 16 years ago

huffman.m by Sean Danaher

Sean Danaher

Huffman (dsp, huffman, binary)

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updated almost 17 years ago

treewave by Bulent Tavli

Bulent Tavli

Tree structured wavelet transform of the input matrix, up to the given level of decomposition. (time frequency, wavelets, tree)



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updated 17 years ago

binplot1.m by Ashesh Pansuria

Ashesh Pansuria

Plots a binomial tree matrix. (statistics, probability, binomial)

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