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updated 3 months ago

mikofski/Quantities by Mark Mikofski

Mark Mikofski (view profile)

Quantities is an units and uncertainties package for MATLAB. (mathematics, engineering, science)

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updated 4 months ago

errbar by Chad Greene

Chad Greene (view profile)

Easily create vertical or horizontal error bars. (errorbar, uncertainty)

errbar documentation


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updated 1 year ago

Worst-Case Propagation of Uncertainty by Brad Ridder

Estimates the propagated uncertainty for a function, at a given point, with given uncertainties. (error, uncertainty, propagation)




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updated 1 year ago

Propagation of Uncertainty by Brad Ridder

Returns the propagated uncertainty in a function F imparted to it from its variables (uncertainty, error, propagation)


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updated 1 year ago

Linear fit with both uncertainties in x and in y by Julien Browaeys

Performs a linear fit with uncertainties in x and y, using a Monte Carlo method (fit, linear, plot)

linfitxy( xdatain, ydatain, xerrin, yerrin, varargin)

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updated 2 years ago

Create a colored, tilted 2D error ellipse scatter plot. by Nathan Orloff

Create a colored, tilted 2D error ellipse scatter plot. (ellipse, error, errorplot)


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updated 2 years ago

Step and impulse responses under the effect of noise or uncertainty by Lazaros Moysis

This file demonstrates how the responses of a system change, for small fluctuations of ω and j. (response, step, impulse)


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updated almost 4 years ago

Error propagation function for data arrays by Jan

Jan (view profile)

This function calculates the function value(s) and uncertainty(ies) of a function f(u1,u2,...,ui), (error propagation, measurement, physics)


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updated almost 5 years ago

determine surface area and uncertainty from points in a plane by Mathias Anton

calculates the surface area and its uncertainty from coord's x,y and their uncertainties ux, uy (mathematics, measurement, surface area)


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updated almost 6 years ago

Linear Regression with Errors in X and Y by Travis Wiens

Travis Wiens (view profile)

Calculates slope and intercept for linear regression of data with errors in X and Y. (mathematics, measurement, statistics)


york_fit(X,Y,sigma_X,sigma_Y, r)


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updated almost 8 years ago

Reliable and Roubst Design by Stuart Kozola

Stuart Kozola (view profile)

MATLAB Code used in the Jan 2008 Digest Article (optimization, realiability, robust design)




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updated 8 years ago

Imprecise probability propagation Toolbox by Philipp Limbourg

Various methods for presentation, propagation, aggregation and plotting imprecise probability ... (statistics, probability, dempster)




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updated almost 9 years ago

Uncertainty Analysis of a DC Motor by Stuart Kozola

Stuart Kozola (view profile)

Using Statistics for Uncertainty Analysis in System Models (statistics, probability, uncertainty)

Uncertainty Analysis of a DC Motor System Model



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updated 9 years ago

Compact data uncertainty format by Peter Mao

Peter Mao (view profile)

given data and uncertainty, this program reformats the number into parenthetic notation. (strings, parentheses, confidence interval)

format_data(datum, sigma, precision, oformat, tex)

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updated 11 years ago

Exponential analysis by Pieter Van Gelder

Performs a fast exponential analysis on the POT dataset stored in array X. (data exploration, exponential, quantile)


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