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05 Mar 2013 Prediction with Partial Match (PPM) The context-based compression Author: Min Kyeong Lee

I'm confused about the output of this code. Where do I find the most likely next letter? Also, do you have a reference that the chosen symbolism is based upon?
thank you

20 Jul 2010 mp3read and mp3write Improved reading and writing of mp3 files Author: Dan Ellis

and I got this error with mp3read

>> mp3read([mp3_list(i).name])
??? Error using ==> mp3read>mysystem at 373
unable to execute "C:\Documents and Settings\mfiles\mp3readwrite\mpg123.exe" -q -w "\tmp\tmp127.wav"
"DJ.mp3" ()

Error in ==> mp3read at 330

16 Jul 2010 Recursive DIR DIRREC finds files recursively in a given folder Author: Luc Masset

fantastic. great work.

17 Jun 2010 PeakFinder Quickly finds local maxima (peaks) or minima (valleys) in a noisy signal. Author: Nathanael Yoder

fantastic code, very effective even with highly noise data.

notably, it might be worth including an histogram based thresholding for a more optimal threshold selection.

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