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26 Jun 2012 SSH From Matlab (updated) + SFTP/SCP Run commands on a remote machine from a Matlab session, via a secure shell. Author: David Freedman

When I try to execute the scptomatlab function, I get an error message associated with this portion of code:

import ch.ethz.ssh2.SCPClient;
import ch.ethz.ssh2.SCPClient;
import ch.ethz.ssh2.Session;

which says

??? Error: File: scptomatlab.m Line: 23 Column: 8
Arguments to IMPORT must either end with ".*"
or else specify a fully qualified class name: "ch.ethz.ssh2.SCPClient" fails
this test.

If I add .* to the end of each one and then execute, this error appears:

??? Error using ==> scptomatlab at 45
Error: SCPTOMATLAB could not connect to the remote machine

followed by the host name I’m trying to connect to. Do you know what is going wrong? This code has worked for my coworker, so I know that the hostname must be correct.


25 Jun 2010 Rotate Tick Label ROTATETICKLABEL rotates tick labels. Author: Andrew Bliss

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