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02 Jul 2012 Play MIDI Note Get information about a MIDI note number like frequency and name. Play the note optionally. Author: Atul Ingle midi, play, note, frequency, equitempered scale 5 0
13 Mar 2012 Symbolic Autocorrelation Autocorrelation of a vector of symbolic variables Author: Atul Ingle symbolic, autocorrelation 7 0
20 Feb 2012 Detrend Non-linear Data Removes nonlinear trend from data Author: Atul Ingle detrend, nonlinear, polynomial fit, data fit 35 0
10 Feb 2012 Symbolic Discrete Delta Function Discrete delta function for symbolic operations Author: Atul Ingle discrete delta, symbolic 9 0
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21 Nov 2012 Surface Fitting using gridfit Model 2-d surfaces from scattered data Author: John D'Errico

Is it possible to extend this idea to fit 3d volume to scattered data, and in general, to higher dimensions? The only limitation I can see is matrix size.

22 Apr 2012 Send Text Message to Cell Phone Send text message to cell phone or other mobile devices Author: Ke Feng

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