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19 Jan 2013 Making MATLAB Swing TabbedPanes, SplitPanes, SideBars, ScrollPanes etc for MATLAB Author: Malcolm Lidierth

New in 2012b I'm getting getting the following warning in a waterloo(1.08) dependent GUI:

Warning: SUBSASGN must be called with an output.
> In jcontrol.subsasgn at 57
In GSplitPaneDivider>GSplitPaneDivider.GSplitPaneDivider at 62
In GSplitPane>GSplitPane.GSplitPane at 97

Temporary fix was to modify line 57 on subsasgn.m to include a dummy assignment, e.g.

[~] = subsasgn(obj.hgcontainer, index, val);

Just passing the word back. Great tool, thanks guys!

03 Aug 2012 Simscape Simulation Results Explorer Tools for exploring Simscape™ simulation data and zero crossing statistics, created in MATLAB® code Author: Atul Suri

Line 1171, U.S. units for mass flow should be "lbm/s" rather than "lb/s". This causes an error when trying to switch to U.S. units for a mass flow plot, because the pm_commensurate command does not recognize 'lb' as being commensurate with 'kg' or any other unit of mass.

Great tool, I use it all the time. This should be a part of the SimScape product!

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