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05 Jul 2010 OpenCV And MEX Files quick guide How to use openCV library in MATLAB Author: Rachel Esman

I have read this paper and try it. I use Matlab 2010, OpenCV1.1 and Visual Studio 2008. There is a big trouble: when I call mex-function, that contains a call of OpenCV functions ( such as cvNamedWindow, cvLoadImage and cvDestroyAllWindows, cvReleaseImage, etc. ) it's look all right, but there is a fail later, when I call matlab functions of Calibration Toolbox for Matlab. For example, I call one mex-function and after that the toolbox loads images and crush comes, but crush comes not at the momemnt of mex-function calling, but much later. In fact Matlab crushes on that code:
mask = exp(-((-wintx:wintx)'/(wintx)).^2) * exp(-((-winty:winty)/(winty)).^2);
In other words, it looks like crush happens, when there were computing intensive operations =)
It looks very strange that during the time after a calling mex-function and before crush, windows are creating and some matlab code works fine.
Could anybody help me solve this problem? Thanks

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