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04 Nov 2010 Precision-Recall and ROC Curves Calculate and plot P/R and ROC curves for binary classification tasks. Author: Stefan Schroedl


I am trying to obtain the Area Under the Precision-Recall curve. In a previous answer, you stated that your separately submitted aucroc.m would be able to estimate this, but this appears to only measure the area under ROC Curves. Since Precision-Recall curves are different, how can I determine the area under them from an AUROC? Or are you aware of any other methods of measure the Area under P-R curves?

Kind regards

16 Aug 2010 Computing Pairwise Distances and Metrics Compute pairwise distance or metric values between two sets of vectors Author: Dahua Lin


I noticed that it has mexw32 files. Does that mean it can only be compiled and used on Windows? Would it work on Linux?


29 Jul 2010 ROC curve compute a ROC curve Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

Hi, the code is very good. However, I encounter an error where the cut-off point is set, on line 186,

??? Attempted to access labels(7397); index out of bounds because numel(labels)=7396.

Error in ==> roc at 186
co=labels(J); %Set the cut-off point

Is there a way to fix this?
Kind regards!

29 Jul 2010 ROC curve compute a ROC curve Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

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