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18 May 2012 Surface Fitting using gridfit Model 2-d surfaces from scattered data Author: John D'Errico


Thanks a lot. Not only did I enjoy an excellent bit of code, but also for your variety of stimulating and entertaining responses. Thank you for breaking up my day with at least 5 minutes of enjoyable rhetoric and exceptional references (Mark Twain / god and little green apples) ... brilliant! Have a few extra stars.


09 Aug 2011 Surfer Grid import/export Import and export GS ASCII (GRD files) from and to Golden Software Applications like Surfer and Grap Author: Alberto Avila Armella

Awesome! Now that you can create the .grd file from Matlab, it would be great if you could also use Matlab to open surfer, using something like:

!C:\Program Files (x86)\Golden Software\Surfer 9\surfer.exe

(though hopefully more elegant) and then load the file as well. I am creating a Matlab GUI, and would love to be able to invoke and graph matlab data through Surfer.

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