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18 Mar 2014 Panel Like subplot, but easier, and WYSIWYG export to file. Also fixes dashed/dotted lines in export. Author: Ben Mitch

Hi Ben, another feature request: In demopanelG you show two axes being passed into select(). At the moment these axes have the same 'Position' property. Often one may want to position an axis over another, and using select() on these loses the position of each axes, forcing them to overlap. It would be great if we could pass in axes to be managed by a panel that may have non-overlapping positions.

05 Feb 2014 Optometrika Fast ray tracing across lenses, prisms, and human eye Author: Yury Petrov

Excellent and makes wonderful use of OOP, using a virtual optical bench object.

27 Jan 2014 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Ben, do you plan to support HG2 *before* it is formally released, as currently I want to ensure my GUIs all work with the upcoming HG2 before a formal release, but I cannot test anything that uses GUI layout toolbox (all my other GUIs work with HG2)...

21 May 2013 TCP/IP Communications in Matlab Sends/receives TCP packets using Matlab's Java interface. Now handles matrices and cell arrays, etc. Author: Kevin Bartlett

Zack, Psychtoolbox already contains a TCP/IP UDP interface, which i use to control neurophysiology amplifiers (has a client / server mode and serialisation of variables etc). We also interface with an eyelink eye tracker, but that has its own network code. The problems you'll have to deal with is synchronisation, how will you ensure accurate timing between psychtoolbox and the eye tracker?

17 Feb 2013 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Can confirm Sven's error on OS X + pre-release2013a, no error on 2012b

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