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Mikhail Konnik

The University of Newcastle

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11 Dec 2010 Using Doxygen with Matlab Extracts automatically comments from your Matlab .m files using Doxygen to generate documentation Author: Fabrice

Thanks for the update, Fabrice! Works perfect.
Linux users may find my tweaked Doxyfile for this m2cpp.pl tool useful:

By the way, does anybody know how to add citations to the documentation from Doxygen using LaTeX? I mean, one have \cite commands in the documentation, and those cited sources should appear in the doxygen-generated docs. Any ideas?

21 Nov 2010 M-code LaTeX Package Easily include nicely syntax highlighted m-code in your LaTeX documents. Author: Florian Knorn

Huge thanks, Florian, it is a great soft! Works smooth like a charm.

19 Nov 2010 2D Fourier shift Cyclically shift a 2D matrix or image using the Fourier shift theorem. Author: Tim

Thanks a lot - I was too lazy to write it :-)
But it seems that in this routine, delta_x means displacement in ROW, and delta_y is displacement in COLUMN. A little bit confusing, but never mind. Thanks again!

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