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Mechanical Engineering Student
Arizona State University

Daddy of a wonderful little baby-girl.


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02 Dec 2013 Bivariant Kernel Density Estimation (V2.1) A tool for bivariant pdf, cdf and icdf estimation using Gaussian kernel function. Author: Yi Cao

nice code. I like that you put your references for methods, and I need to double-check them. Wish you had a link to Wolfram or an online resource.

Internal nomenclature could be cleaned up. The command call in the example should be able to be copied, pasted to command-line and executed.

27 Feb 2013 Stereo Matching A GUI demonstrates an efficient stereo matching algorithm. Author: Wim Abbeloos

The "reconstruction" image is "upside down" compared to the reference and target.

08 Nov 2012 Fast 'n easy smoothing SMOOTHN allows automatized and robust smoothing in arbitrary dimension w/wo missing values Author: Damien Garcia

What is with the "DCTN and iDCTN are required"? I was able to access them outside the MatLab browser, but not from within it.

09 Oct 2012 Get HTML Table Data into MATLAB Identify tables and interactively select the data to bring into MATLAB. Author: Jeremy Barry

not working for me. What is required version?

21 Aug 2010 Download Google Finance Stock Prices Download historical stock prices from Google Finance in a dataset MATLAB format. Author: Fayssal El Moufatich

Code isn't working. I think google, yahoo, and such do not want mass and automated downloading of their information.

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