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09 Jan 2014 Magnetic Flux distribution Magnetic Flux distribution Author: PRAVI

This is not FEM but Biot-Savart law. Good example anyway.

09 Jan 2014 Simscape Language:DC Motor with Thermal Effects Demonstrates how to use the Simscapeā„¢ language to model a DC motor with thermal effects. Author: Tom Egel

Unable to run it in R2011b

06 Dec 2013 Table Breakpoint Optimization A set of tools for finding the best way to reduce the size of a table. Author: Tucker McClure

Great code!

I am looking at find_best_table_1de. I have two comments:

(a) It seems there is a problem with max_iterations. Lets say we have length(x_0)=10. So max_iterations=10. In the first while loop, n_x could increase up to 3*2^10 = 3072. This is much higher than length(x_0)! The loop should stop when n_x>=length(x_0).

(b) Why dont you start directly the dichotomie using
n_x_left = 3;
n_x_right = length(x_0);
? This looks simpler because you can get ride of the first while loop.

07 Aug 2012 CSV with column headers This simple routine extends the function of the MATLAB csvwrite function to add column headers Author: Keith Brady

17 May 2011 Stability modeling of motor/generator Model to see the Stability of motor/ generator Author: satendra kumar

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