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06 Oct 2010 Intellicam(Real time moving object tracker) The above code used to track the real time moving objects Author: Lokesh Golla

wow, it is very good

buy after run this error come

??? Too many outputs requested. Most likely cause is missing [] around
left hand side that has a comma separated list expansion.

Error in ==> lokfinal at 43
cd = s.Centroid

how can I solve it?

thank you.

01 Oct 2010 SendMailGUI Sendmail GUI Author: Marko Neitola

Thank you

07 Sep 2010 object tracking using kalman filter object tracking using kalman filter Author: harun

Error with this code

??? Error using ==> imread at 372
File "1.jpg" does not exist.

Error in ==> main at 19
Im{i} = double(imread([int2str(i),'.jpg']));

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