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28 Jul 2014 Hierarchically grouped boxplot A modification to boxplot that shows the hierarchical relationships between the grouping variables. Author: Matt Tearle

Hi Matt, I was wondering if you might have a chance to include coloring+legend as another dimension. Otherwise... using it every week. Regards Arnold

28 Jul 2014 Custom GINPUT GINPUT with customizable cursor. Author: Jiro Doke

I was too quick with that question. Found the included function for removing points via delete/backspace. Many thanks!

28 Jul 2014 Custom GINPUT GINPUT with customizable cursor. Author: Jiro Doke

it would be great if one could define a key or mousebutton (like right click) to remove the last point!

09 Jun 2014 iPeak: Interactive Peak Detector (Version 6) Keypress operated interactive peak detector function. Author: Tom O'Haver

what is the "width" this function gives for a gaussian fit i.e.? it is not n*sigma, so I'm at a loss ATM.

nevermind, I got it .... FWHM

17 Mar 2014 Customizable Heat Maps Visualize data as a heatmap with many customizable options. Author: Ameya Deoras


nice improvements. I got one big problem with the colorbar:
How do I set a ylabel to the colorbar?

Another idea for NaNs would be to just leave out the text "NaN" as well, simply don't show any text in those fields.

Something else I thought of:
the y-labels of the colorbar are always set automatically (or is there a way I don't see?). One tick is close to the top, as it should be, yet there is no label close to the bottom of the colorbar. This is not nice. They should be evenly spread across the colorbar with one close to the top value and one close to the bottom value. :)

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