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18 Feb 2014 Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter for 2D data This function provide a Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter for 2D data. Author: Shao Ying Huang

29 Jun 2012 fitExponential.m Fitting with single exponential curve in the form of: yFit = yInf + (y0-yInf) * exp(-k*(x-x0)) Author: Jing Chen

15 Mar 2012 Full factorial It gives full factorial design matgrix of any levels(more than 2) of any variables (minimum 2) Author: Bhaskar

Thanks for the submission. Works fine with my data.

29 Nov 2011 Stoichiometry Tools Parse chemical formulas for molecular weights and stoichiometric analysis. Author: Jeffrey Kantor

After first look, it seems to work if number of species is sufficient. For too few species it should report error, but it doesn't. Example:
stoich({'Na3AlF6', 'HF', 'NaF', 'AlF3'})

Na3AlF6 <=> 3 NaF + AlF3

20 Jul 2011 Chess with "Greedy Edi" Play chess against "Greedy Edi". Author: Wolfgang Garn

Edi is not a good player, but it's fun to play chess.

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