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15 Sep 2010 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

I recently had to upgrade to the R2010b release and now I am having problems with passing handles to the objects created in the Gui Layout. It is a lot of code (a large layout with speed issues as Dani mentioned above.) I will show what is relevant IMHO.

global gui
function gui = createInterface()
% Create the user interface for the application and return a
% structure of handles for global use.
gui = struct();
gui.aDetailPlotB = uiextras.Panel('Parent', aDetailPlot, 'BackgroundColor', 'w', 'BorderType', 'none');


In another function file, the gui structure is passed as an argument and then we come down to:

axes1 = axes('Parent', gui.aDetailPlotB,
'ActivePositionProperty', 'OuterPosition');

I get the following error message.

??? Error using ==> axes
Conversion to double from unknown is not possible.

Stepping through the debugger, steps into Container.m (part of the +uiextras folder) where it dies in the function

function container = double( obj )
%double Convert a container to an HG double handle.
% D = double(C) converts a container C to an HG handle D.
container = obj.UIContainer;
end % double

I can't go back to R2010a so how do I get it working?

Thanks in advance.

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