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17 Sep 2010 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins


Although 'absolute' and 'relative' tolerances are sufficient certainly for most unit testing situations in signal processing, I feel that what's lacking is equality testing to a definable level of precision (i.e. in the mantissa).

To this end, I've added support 'precision' as a new ToleranceType. I've added support for the string ''precision'' in the obvious way to ParseFloatAssertInputs, and to CompareFloats.m, I've added to the switch block:

switch params.ToleranceType

the following new case:

case 'precision'

coreCompareFcn = @(A, B) magFcn(chop(A,params.Tolerance) - chop(B,params.Tolerance)) <= eps(max(magFcn(A), magFcn(B)));

I hope that others may find this useful.

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