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California Institute of Technology

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Electrical Engineering Student at California Institute of Technology


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07 Oct 2010 Screenshot Spiral Inductor Builder Builds Sonnet projects with spiral inductors. Author: Richard sonnet, sonnetlab, spiral, inductor, spiral inductor 5 0
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23 Sep 2010 Learning the Kalman Filter Basic Kalman filter, heavily commented, for beginners to Kalman filtering. Author: Michael Kleder

awesome! makes so much more sense now. thanks.

23 Sep 2010 Coupling Coefficient K For a Resonator Filter This function calculates the coupling coefficient of a resonator filter based on the scattering para Author: Serhend Arvas


23 Sep 2010 SonnetLab Antenna Example The included scripts will build a patch antenna and optimize it using SonnetLab. Author: Bashir Souid

The optimization toolbox would probably do a better job at optimizing then your multi-step routine but it is still very interesting.

23 Sep 2010 Electromagnetic Field Demo Visualization of the electromagnetic field induced by current in a straight wire. Author: Robyn Jackey

Really cool! Thanks.

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