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20 May 2011 mexme - write MEX files in no time writes fully valid MEX .cpp files including mexFunction boilerplate based on numeric C/C++ snippet Author: Patrick Mineault

Awesome! Worked as expected for me in my usual Linux environment. Tried to share with a coworker on Windows who couldn't get the c file mexed. I am not as familiar with the Visual Studio compiler, so I haven't been able to figure it out (we have both successfully mexed files in the past). What compiler was it tested with?

22 Oct 2010 ISMEMBERF Floating-point ISMEMBER (i.e., with round-off tolerance) Author: Bruno Luong

This is a great addition. I'm surprised this isn't part of the core Matlab. A useful note to users is that whereas the ismember documentation specifies that loc is an array "containing the highest index in S for each element in A that is a member of S", ismemberf does not guarantee the highest index. That might be a nice feature to add. Or is there a different index that can be guaranteed (e.g., the lowest)?

23 Sep 2010 queryMySQL Platform independent MySQL database solution with blob support. Author: Jonathan Karr

Much easier to get set up than mym.m. It worked well for my queries that returned few results, but it did not scale well for larger return sets. For example, one query I tried runs in 1.5 seconds in the MySQL browser, but using queryMySQL.m it took over 2 minutes. As many of my queries return millions of results, I'll have to stick with mym.m.

I assume there's some java overhead somewhere, but that's just naive speculation.

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