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16 Mar 2011 zoom FFT This program calculates the zoom FFT of a time history. Author: Tom Irvine

there is no filtering here so aliasing may occured , alos thr ratio of new signal to level noise is quite bad

14 Oct 2010 K Nearest Neighbors Program to find the k - nearest neighbors (kNN) within a set of points. Author: Ani

good efficient code , can be added group so return group selected by the indexes and make majority voting with distance weight

Ydec = ArgMax(group(i)/Dist(i))

05 Oct 2010 gaussian_mixture_model.m Estimate the parameters of a 1D Gaussian Mixture Model using the EM algorithm. Author: Matthew Roughan


05 Oct 2010 gaussian curve fit gaussian curve fit Author: Yohanan Sivan


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